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An Inside Look at the Drip

Rayne.Drip is an up-and-coming DJ and music producer based in the Four Corners area of the United States. She is able to captivate her audience and take them on an unforgettable sound journey, inspiring dance and flow.  She has been a performing  singer/songwriter and musician since the early age of 21, with the stage name of, Rayne and the Nocturnal Bees.

Her acoustic music can be found here.

With a focus on underground and experimental soundscapes, her music has a deep spiritual meaning which allows her to connect with her listeners in a powerful way. Rayne.Drip's music is a celebration of life and a reminder to stay connected to the natural world.

As a passionate advocate for nature, Rayne uses her music to raise the vibration, and to teach people about the importance of fungi, the mycelial network, our connection to one another, and our connection to nature.


Listeners can expect dynamic, soulful beats that move and heal us, using music to move energy, raise awareness, and connect us through sound, dance, and vibration.

Mushroom Drip.png

Rayne.Drip, take you on a trip...

"Rain-Down-on-Me Medicine. DJ, Music Producer, & Singer-Songwriter.
High Vibrational. Transcendental. Booty shaking. Earthquaking."

Located in Durango, Colorado, Rayne.Drip has been playing nation-wide at various transformational events and festivals, mycological festivals, and many things in-between for half a decade. 
She is a mother, mycologist, singer/songwriter, Reverend Mother, music producer, DJ, film producer, as well festival & event planner and producer in the Four Corners area with an emphasis on spreading the message of the mycelium and bringing community together.

"The mycelium shows us that we are ALL connected, & nature tells us that NOW IS THE TIME to come together in order to take RIGHT ACTION make a difference for the future. The answers are literally right underfoot!!"

Blending World beats and heavy bass, let the music drip all over you.

Rayne.Drip....take you on a trip....


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